Durham Builders speculative success has attracted many investors over the years due to our market analysis and high rate of returns. Out turnkey approach includes:

Market Analysis
Durham Builders is in constant pursuit of acquiring property in various Dallas neighborhoods. Our neighborhood presence allows us first look at off market houses.

Acquisition/ Sales
Our strong relationship with Brokers allows Durham Builders to work hand in hand with the acquisition and sales of our houses.

Our progressive approach to design sets us apart. By infusing timeless details with current market trends, our houses sell quickly and for top dollar, averaging between $195-$215 per foot.

Construction Management
Miles Durham personally supervises all his projects as well as handles design selections. Sarah Durham assists with finish selections.

Return on Equity
Our focus is to make our Investors a high rate of return and keep them coming back for more. We offer a fixed fee to acquire, design and build each house. Our return on equity has averaged between 35%-100%, and our fast pace, competitive costs and clean finished product have proven to move product quickly.


Durham Builders understands that often times a builder referral means a lower acquisition price for you. We appreciate your referral and are happy to compensate you for this. Please contact us today to discuss how we can help you and our client find the right property.


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